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Specializing in Advanced Mercedes Repair & Maintenance

The Import Doctors of Seattle, WA offer dealership alternative Mercedes service and repair. The Mercedes is the international symbol of luxury road travel. Mercedes drivers experience a higher standard for high-powered engine performance and comfort than most other drivers. The manufacturers keep your Mercedes at the top of the hill among the industry’s elite vehicles. Because your Mercedes is the proverbial king of the highway, then you should make sure it receives exclusive service treatment and attention. Your Mercedes already has a designated menu of services that are uniquely-designed to keep your Mercedes engine healthy. The Mercedes maintenance schedule has two levels of services, which includes our clean and consistent oil change services, lube services, tune-ups and more. Your Mercedes A Services and B Services will prevent expensive repairs down the road. After the safety of you and your passengers, our priority is keeping your Mercedes road-ready, performing stronger and longer. The Import Doctors in Seattle, WA adhere to all the manufacturer’s recommendations and service plans that maximize your vehicle’s potential. Bring your Mercedes to our European import specialists for the better performance from your vehicle.

Guaranteed Mercedes Service–3 Year / 36,000 Mile Warranty

General repair shops will treat your Mercedes like any other vehicle in their garage. Your Mercedes needs better than that! It needs qualified technicians that can help it avoid repairs altogether. But if a Mercedes service becomes necessary, there’s no better place than The Import Doctors to receive them. Every one of our repair services begins with an accurate diagnosis. Our advanced engine diagnostics will tell you exactly what’s wrong with your Mercedes. Coming to us first will save you time, money, and stress. Misdiagnoses can cost customers a lot of money when they visit general repair shops. Our skilled and knowledgeable Mercedes specialists perform repairs with the latest tools and equipment. You’ll receive auto repairs that meet the exacting standards of your Mercedes. From the moment you arrive at our shop, you’re in the best condition possible. We take our customers through your engine’s diagnosis, precision repair service, and leave you with the comfort of an industry-leading service warranty.

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Our team of qualified Mercedes service technicians is waiting to help. Our repair shop is dedicated to high-end European vehicles and we specialize in Mercedes repair, maintenance, and service. You and your Mercedes will not have a better service experience at any other repair shop. Give us a call today at 206-728-2212 to schedule an appointment. If you’d like to schedule a Mercedes service or repair appointment right now, just use our convenient online scheduling system. Our team of experts is looking forward to serving you and servicing your vehicle. Call (206) 728-2212 or stop by our 1024 6th Ave S location for the best auto service and repair around