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The MINI is a unique vehicle with unique service needs. It’s slowly becoming one of America’s most popular imports. When you purchased you MINI it was probably for its safety, German-engineering, and advanced driveability. The Import Doctors in Seattle, WA know your MINI inside and out. While we provide your MINI’s engine, mechanical, and electrical system enhancements, you’ll experience the power, driveability, and fun of MINI’s quality performance. Our maintenance service plans are the key to you getting the biggest return from your investment in excellent road travel. Bring your MINI to our experts and we’ll put you on a service plan perfectly-suited for you and your vehicle. The most important maintenance service for your MINI’s engine is the oil change. We’ll protect and preserve your MINI’s engine with proper lubrication service, engine oil, and oil filter cleanliness. Our effective and timely tune-ups will keep you in front of any inconvenient repair needs. Early breakdowns and costly repairs are usually caused by overheating and overworking of the engine.

Back in the Fast Lane–Complete MINI Service and Repair

A lot of MINI drivers like to push their vehicles to the limit, but they fail to seek out a higher standard for MINI service. Anytime your vehicle’s mechanical components and engine parts are creating friction or colliding with each other, it’s bad news. Exceptional and timely maintenance service will always keep your engine running smoothly. Our goal is to always avoid unnecessary repairs, but occasionally normal wear-and-tear will lead to a repair need. Your safety is most important to us so we use the best quality OE equipment parts replacements. Will enhance your MINI’s overall performance and handling with excellent brake repair services, steering & suspension repairs, drivetrain system service, engine repairs, automatic & manual transmission services, and much more. You need a qualified MINI service technician who knows exactly how to repair and maintain your vehicle. We just happen to be the best European and MINI service specialist in Seattle, WA.

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Your MINI is always making a statement whenever it hits the highway. It’s saying, “I’m fun to drive and easy to handle.” MINI’s manufacturers have created a technologically advanced vehicle whose efficiency is saving you money at the pump, and parking space. Give us a call today at 206-728-2212 to schedule your MINI service appointment. If you’d like to save some time, you can go ahead and schedule your appointment using our online scheduling system. Pick a time and day and we’ll meet you here!