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There are many perks to owning a Volkswagen, but if you’ve ever taken your VW to the dealership for major repair the sticker shock from the invoice you may be wondering if it’s worth it. Don’t let the cost of auto repairs put a damper on your enthusiasm for the brand. Next time bring your V-Dub to The Import Doctors instead! We’re your local, independent Volkswagen repair and maintenance specialists. Our level of service meets or exceeds what you’ll receive from the dealer while saving you a ton of money. Here are some of the Volkswagen services we specialize in:

DSG Maintenance & Repair

If you own a Volkswagen GTI, Golf R, R32, or GLI with a DSG transmission then you know how exciting it is when it fires off lightning quick shifts. To ensure the DSG continues to operate at peak performance, you need to adhere to a routine maintenance schedule. The best thing you can do for the DSG is to regularly change the fluid and filter. If you were to neglect this service, you risk damaging the electronic control unit (called Mechatronic) inside the transmission. We offer DSG fluid flushes at a fraction of the dealer costs while maintaining the same level of service and quality of parts. If you find yourself with a malfunctioning Mechatronic, we can help there too. Whatever your needs are for your VW’s DSG, we have you covered.

FSI & TSI 2.0T Repairs

If you own one of VW’s FSI & TSI 2.0l turbocharged engines from 2005-2014, then you know they’re some of the best performing and most fuel efficient engines around. While these engines have received many accolades, there are a few problems that could lead to major repairs. Thankfully we know what they are and how to avoid costly repair.

FSI Cam Follower: 2.0T FSI engines from 2005-2008 have a high pressure fuel pump mounted to the cylinder head. This pump interfaces with the intake camshaft via a cam follower. This little piece of metal can cause major problems if it’s not replaced every 40k miles. Any longer than this and the cam will wear through the follower and both the cam lobe and fuel pump will be damaged in the process. Make sure cam follower inspection and replacement is part of your routine maintenance

TSI Upper Timing Chain Tensioner: Starting in 2009, VW revised their 2.0T engine and started calling it the ‘TSI’. This new engine promised better durability than the FSI (like relocating the fuel pump so there’s no more cam follower problems), but introduced new problems. The most worrisome of them all is the upper timing chain tensioner. The timing chain tensioner found in 2009-2013.5 model year TSI engines have a tendency to prematurely fail. If this happens, the valves in the cylinder head will collide with the pistons and require a cylinder head rebuild which isn’t cheap! Fortunately, replacing this chain tensioner is relatively easy and cost much, much less than a rebuild. If you own a 2.0T VW from 2009-2013.5, you should have this piece replaced right away.

TSI Water Pumps: The water pump found on VW’s TSI engine is prone to leaking between the pump and the engine block. VW later revised the pump to prevent this from happening, but if you have an original version, it’s bound to eventually spring a leak. If you notice coolant pooling up beneath your engine block, bring your car to us to have it replaced for much less than the dealer.

TSI Rear Main Seal: This issue is most common on the VW Tiguan, but can affect all TSI models from 2009-2014. The rear main seal on these models is prone to leaking. The worst part about that is the placement of the seal; on the engine block behind the transmission. Replacing this seal requires removal of the transmission which is a multi-hour job. Thankfully, our labor rates and overall costs are significantly less than the dealer for this service. If you find yourself with a leaky rear main, come to us for expert replacement at a fraction of the price.

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Don’t let expensive repairs ruin the relationship between you and your VW! Bring it to The Import Doctors and we’ll help you avoid heartache from major repairs. We’re conveniently located at 1024 6th Avenue South in Seattle. You can also reach us by phone at (206) 728-2212 or schedule online.

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