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Your Toyota is known throughout the world for its excellent safety and value. We’re the Seattle area’s best option for quality Toyota repair and service. At The Import Doctors in Seattle, we treat you like family. That means your European auto import gets special attention from our talented team. We love the dependability and efficiency of the Toyota just like you do! That’s why we strive to go above and beyond to make sure your Toyota maintains the brand standard. We are actually looking forward to protecting your investment and helping your Toyota achieve it greatest performance potential. Our clean and consistent oil change service plans will protect and preserve your engine. Our oil changes will all improve your Toyota’s fuel efficiency. To further care for your Toyota, we provide a list of quality maintenance services, including oil changes, tune-ups, engine diagnostics, inspections, lube services, and much more. The key to avoiding those costly repairs is our maintenance service plans that consider your Toyota’s specific age and model, your driving habits, and the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Advanced Diagnostic Tools & Equipment

The Toyota becomes more susceptible to early breakdowns when you miss important maintenance intervals, perform sloppy, unnecessary, or incomplete repairs. The Import Doctors continually monitor your Toyota’s condition and perform all of its necessary repairs. We use the best quality parts for all repairs and replacements. The sooner you bring us your Toyota, the sooner we can give you an accurate diagnosis and complete repair. You can save yourself time and money by being proactive with all of your Toyota repair services. Bring us any strange engine performance issues, braking system problems, emissions testing, hybrid repairs, and much more. We’re a full-service facility for any of your Toyota’s needs. Enhance your Toyota’s driveability with steering and suspension repairs, air conditioning repairs, electrical system services, driveline repairs, and more. Our thorough inspections and computerized diagnostics will keep you in drive, and time for every appointment.

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Toyotas are a vehicle make that serves its owners well. Drivers have to do their part to maximize your Toyota’s performance. Give us a call today at 206-728-2212 to schedule your next appointment! Owners preserve their engine’s quality with our specialized services, helping to retain its resale value. Save yourself some time by picking a time and day right now that works for your Toyota’s next service appointment! Our convenient online scheduling system makes scheduling your Toyota service quick and easy! The Import Doctors are looking forward to providing you with our top-notch Toyota repair and maintenance services.